If you live in The Netherlands, or are planning to visit for a few days, an In Person Healing could be just what you're looking for. It involves coming to Jayne's Practice in Amsterdam for a personal consultation.

Session duration: 100 minutes
Cost: 120

If you have Dutch Health Insurance, then your treatment with Jayne can be partially or wholly reimbursed (depending on the insurer and the policy). Click here for details of participating Health Insurers.

What happens during an In Person Healing ?

The first consultation begins with questions about the background information you provided on your Intake Form, as well as what YOU are wanting to look at and/or achieve with the healing(s). After this you come to lie, fully clothed, on a very comfortable massage table. Jayne then places her hands on different places on your body, starting with your feet, and working upwards towards your head, via joints, organs, chakras; all seven levels of the field are worked with to clean, clear, repair and bring everything into balance.

Often there are further questions that arise during the session - on your part as well. During the healing you can say as much or as little as you want to. Sometimes there is lots to say, at other times it is a deeply personal experience and there are few words. But a lot always happens ! You can expect to go deeply into your own life themes and problems, in order to gain clarity (and often relief) about where your current problems come from, and to transform them. At the end of the healing, it's usually a good idea to just keep lying down for a few minutes to let everything settle. Often you will be given "homework" for your further development, based on what arose during the healing, for example, exercises to do or new things to try out in your daily life. You are totally free at the end to decide if you want to make another appointment (or not), and when.

For each person, and for every healing, the experience is unique. No two sessions are ever the same.

What do you do now ?

To book an In Person Healing then click here. You'll be led to the Appointment Form, which you can complete and Email. Jayne will then contact you to schedule the appointment. All you have to do is then to pay for the healing and complete the Intake Form before the session.

Or, if you have any further questions before booking, click here.




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