What is Healing ?
Healing actually comes from the word “wholing” – to make whole. The whole process of healing means a return to wholeness and to a state of balance.

Who can undergo Healing ?
Anybody !

How long does an Appointment/Session last ?
An In Person Healing lasts for 100 minutes
A Distance Energy Healing lasts for ca. 90 minutes (1
½ hours)
A Chakra & Hara Assessment doesn’t have a time duration ! Jayne reads/views your
Chakras and Hara at distance, and then sends you a written (Email) summary

What happens during a Healing ?
Jayne works with the seven levels of your Energy Field, your chakras and your hara to help you restore the balance in your whole system. You can expect to go deeply into your own life themes and problems, in order to gain clarity (and often relief) about where your current problems come from, and how to transform them.

How much does an Appointment cost ?
An In Person Healing costs € 120
A Distance Energy Healing costs € 120
A Chakra & Hara Assessment costs € 150
If you want to book one of these then click here and you’ll be taken to the Booking Form

What are Chakras ?
The word chakra comes from Sanskrit meaning wheel, and they actually look like spinning wheels or vortices of energy. There are seven major chakras. These are found near the major nerve plexuses in the body. They function as intake organs for energy from the universal life energy field (UEF) which is all around us. The energy taken in and metabolised through each chakra is sent to the parts of the body located in that chakra area. This energy is very important for the healthy functioning of the auric field and the physical body. If the functioning of a chakra is disturbed, the body organs served by that chakra will not get the supply that they need. If this state of affairs continues then that part of the body – and the area and organs related to it – will weaken and eventually disease will occur in that area of the body. So they are very important !! The chakras are also related to a specific psychological function. The Chakra Table below gives a summary of this.

Chakra Position Traits Associated With  
The amount of physical energy available and one's will to live in 3D reality -- Power, Vitality, Physical Energy
Ability to be grounded in 3D reality and to actualize higher visions
Sacral (front)
Center of expression for sexuality and creativity, reflects the ability to connect with another human on a deeply physical and spiritual level, both giving and receiving - Personal Expression, Sexuality, Creativity, Confidence, Ability to Love

Sacral (back)

Reflects the amount of energy one has available for sexual & creative expression - Energy, Expression
Solar Plexus (front)
Your personal power center that expresses the level of connection your feel to living your life to the fullest expression of your desires - Personal Power, Grounded in Purpose & Life's Goals, Manifestation, Connectedness
Solar Plexus (back)
Reflects one's relationship between their life and their feelings toward their physical body, the level of caring towards the physical - Health, Diet, Exercise
Heart (front)
This center opens a person's feelings of Love for humanity and an ability to connect in a loving space with other human beings - Love, Compassion, Empathy, Caring, Sharing
Heart (back)
The ego's expression lies in this chakra and depending on the persons ability to manifest what they want, it can be too aggressive or too passive - Ego, Will, Determination
Throat (front)
Reflects the ability to speak and ask for what one needs and wants in life in order to accomplish their goals - Self-Reliant, Responsible, Accountability
Throat (back)
Speaks to the position one holds in socieity and within their chosen profession - Self-Worth, Accomplishments, Status
Third Eye (front)
The ability to visualize, conceptualize and formulate ideas and comprehend the mental constructs necessary to create - Visualization, Actualization, Understanding
Third Eye (back)
Whether a person can follow through and implement his ideas and concepts - Action, Integrity, Follow-thru
A person's connection to the Divine Source - Spiritual, Transcendence
Flow of Energy/Information through the Chakra System
7 - Crown
6 - Third Eye
5 - Throat
4 - Heart
Second Feeling
3 - Solar Plexus
2 - Sacral
1 - Root


What is an Energy Field ?
The Universal Energy Field (UEF) is the name given to the “energy” that surrounds us and interpenetrates everything. Every culture and religion refers to this, whether it be the halo round saints’ heads, ch’i in the Chinese culture, or the astral light of the Kabbalah. Science has begun to be able to detect and measure this as a sort of plasma.
The Human Energy Field (HEF) is more commonly known as the “aura”. This is the manifestation of the Universal Energy Field that is involved with human life. The aura is that part of the UEF associated with objects. So in the case of we human, the part of the UEF associated with us is called the Human Energy Field (HEF).
In Healing, the HEF or aura, is seen to consist of 7 visible and experiential layers, and each layer has a different structure, function and meaning.

What is the Hara ?
The hara level or dimension, exists on a deeper level that that of the aura (HEF). It is the foundation upon which the aura is built. While the aura is related to your personality, the hara level is related to your intention. It is the dimension of intention ! It is here that you set and hold your intention to do something.

Can my Appointment/Session be reimbursed through my Health Insurer ?
If you have an In Person Healing, and you have Dutch Health Insurance (Zorgverzekeraar) then there is a good chance that some or all of your costs may be refunded.
Jayne is a member of the VNT (Vereniging van Natuurgeneeskundig Therapeuten) .The Society of Natural Medicine Practitioners) in The Netherlands which, as a Professional Organisation, provides the recognition of the standards necessary to warrant reimbursement. The amount reimbursed depends on your Health Policy, as well has how much you have already spent this year on Alternative Healthcare & Natural Medicine according to your policy’s terms and conditions. At the end of your Appointment, Jayne will give you an invoice which you can then send to you Health Insurance. The consultations are refunded under the heading Natural Medicine Consultation. Click here to see the list of participating Insurers and the amounts refunded.

Other questions ?
If you have any other questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact Jayne.
Email contact@jaynejubb.com
Telephone: ++31 (0)20 620 6680

She’ll do her best to answer your questions and queries !




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