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They are all written in Dutch....

Aura: Feit of Fictie

An article first published in Mens & Wetenschap (March 2003), written by Jayne, about the scientific evidence behind the phenomenom of energy fields and auras.

Het Transformatie- en Groei-Proces
Published in October 2006 by the Professional Therapists' Association (VNT). Describes how energy fields can be used to describe the transformation and growth process so that the therapist and client can place them in 'the bigger picture'.

The following articles have been published from a selection written by Jayne for the self-development magazine 'Sfinx'

De Tofu Tijger
Describes the frustrations and insights that playing the oboe furnish.
Jayne always says that she has more enthusiasm than talent when it comes to music :=)

Het Leven Begint bij 40
How turning 40 gave a new perspective on paths not taken, and on the excitement of the life in hand.

Tien voor Taal
An hilarious story of how love of languages gets you into some memorable scrapes...and how Jayne found her husband!




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